Mixed Martial Arts Fighters are among the fittest athletes in the world. Their sport not only demands technique but incredible functional strength and cardiovascular conditioning.

Now you can train like an elite MMA athlete without having to fight like one.

HiiiT 15 is a 30 minute intense MMA workout for people that want to achieve maximum results without getting pummeled. Our workout has been put together by certified trainers and competitive MMA fighters to give you the best workout possible.

Principles of the workout:
The workout consist of a 5 minute warm up, 15 intense 60 second rounds, and a 5 minute cool down. The Warm Up: A good warm up is key to maximizing your workout and preventing injury. We provide you with a dynamic warm up.

fighterfit The cool down is important as it allows you slow down and get your heart rate back down. Our cool down consist of static stretches designed by a certified Yoga instructor. This allows for maximum flexibility since the muscles are now hot.

Levels and Change Ups:
You will never get bored or plateau with HiiT 15 because the workout changes every week. We have over 3000 possible combinations of workouts so your body will never get used to the same old thing and you will always be

The Rounds:
Each round consist of combinations MMA, Fitness and Skill techniques. The is a logical progression in the rounds in order to maximize calorie burn and fitness results. Exercises are based on functional movement training to engage the entire body.

The rounds are intentionally short in order to encourage maximum effort on each exercise. Sh
orter work periods and short rest periods tax both you aerobic and anaerobic systems maximizing heart rate and muscle fatigue achieving quick results.

Cool Down:

challenged. We also offer 3 different fitness levels. As you become more fit you are moved up in level and given more challenging exercises to perform.

Intro Courses:
When you start the program you will be required to take a 1 hour introductory course in which an instructor will cover the techniques you will have to perform on each level. You will also be instructed in the warm up and cool down procedures. Each time you go up in level you are required to take an intro course. All the techniques will be listed on the board every week round by round as you flow through your workout. You can also review techniques on our website.

You will be required to buy a pair of MMA gloves with good wrist support and open palm. Bring a towel because you WILL sweat a lot.

Science behind the Workout:This is high intensity interval training. It increases your energy expenditure during and after the exercise period giving you fast results. Incorporating total body movements with short intense sets maximizes efficiency of the workout. In short you get way better results than plugging along on a treadmill, jogging, or just lifting weights. For athletes you can expect to perform better at your sport. You can also attain that long sleek athletic look. You know like an MMA fighter. Is it fun?: Duhh….You get to put on MMA gloves and punch and kick stuff. We always keep it interesting by changing up the routine and there is always a trainer there to push you and make sure your form is spot on. By mixing it up you never get bored and always look forward to the next workout.